SOLARMASTER is a registered trade mark of Bimeks.
  • Heat & Light Control film which is installed either interior surface or exterior surface.
  • UV absorbing. Prevent up to 99% of ultaviolet rays penetrating, thus reducing the fading of furnishing, photographs and curtains. this is also of sepecial benefit where UV sensetive equipment is located.
  • Highly perfomanced and ultra thin isolation barrier.
  • Scratch resistance property.
  • By the nature of their construction able to give privacy during daylight hours as it is possible to see out quite clearly but from th eoutside people have difficulty in seeing in.
  • Its existence can not be noticed.
  • Different kind of colors and tones change the view of your building.ç
  • A wide range offers specialized products for cars, heat isolation, exterior installation and etc...
  • Provides up to 90% heat isolation in summer and up to 40% heat loss in winter.
  • It is a perfect alternative to curtain, blind and reflective window.
  • A perfect heat and light environment provides better working conditions.
  • Maintenance free other than normal washing with clean leather, cloth or sponge.
  • Able to prevent the shattering of glass after an accidental impact by keeping splinters together.
  • Qickly installed with no fuss or bother, you and your staff carry on working normally while we work around you.
SOLARMASTER provides 4 kinds of sub category which meet your requirements.
- SOLARMASTER Tinted Film Series


Your room gets too much sun shining .
Irresistible heat ...
Fading furnitures...
And high amount bills...

Curtain provided you to stop light .
But heat?
- No!
Your beautiful view?
- Not any more!
Summer with SOLARMASTER...

No curtain, sun light prevented up to 85%, and heat prevented up to 90% by SOLARMASTER.
UV (Ultraviolet) which fades furnitures and causes cancer is stopped by SOLARMASTER.
A beautiful view and cheaper air conditioning is a plus.


Radiated heat goes out from youtr window and you pay a lot to warm up your room...

Winter with SOLARMASTER...

SOLARMASTER was installed to your window. It abosrbs the heat and reflects it back to your room even the radiated heat from your body

Less heat loos, more confortable and more economic.

SOLARMASTER provides wide range of colors.In reflective series 9, Mat series 9, Auto Film series 7, Thermal Master series 2 and other special series 12 color range
SOLARMASTER Tinted Film Series

It is produced for providing colorful window view. Its existence can not be noticed. Wide color range and prevents fading.

A special layer which is scratch resistant is a standard of SOLARMASTER series. Solarmaster prevents scattering of glass and holds dangerous glass pieces by its matchless adhesive property.

PVB Series
This SOLARMASTER serie is the unique window film which is installed for PVB surfaces and roofs.

There are 2 types, one of them for interior intsallation and other for exterior insatallation.It provies high performance heat isolation for PVB surfaces.
High Performance series of SOLARMASTER for heat isolation

It is unique by its property of providing silver reflective view from outside, coolnes during summer, heat isolation in winter.
All SOLARMASTER series have heat isolation! But it is top by THERMALMASTER,

without giving up other properties of SOLARMASTER.




What is window film and PPF?

Bimeks is the leading company of film market for over 20 years.

SOLARMASTER, SHATTERMASTER and THERMALMASTER are registered trade marks of solar heat control, safety, security, decorative and auto window film and vary over 100 kinds.